Friday, August 1, 2014
Our vision for this project
With the property La Décentrale, we are setting the seed for the Permavillage Mont-Soleil, a social space, open for radical innovative approaches to current and future challenges in society.

While this will be a place to live, it just as importantly is a place to make a living. With the Permavillage and La Décentrale at its core, we want to create less of a living community as is typically the case in eco-village projects and more a collaborative, innovative environment with an entrepreneurial spirit, where individuals and groups can connect and leverage their synergies.

We will be practicing and evolving forms of openly collaborative and socially responsible living, sustainable food production, focusing on better enabling and optimizing the use of already existing infrastructure and buildings, designing for inter-generational living, with a cultural, educational and economic exchange between urban and rural areas, planning around a local economy and a high degree of self-reliance, while building resilient ties with the economy at large.

The Permavillage does everything to encourage open doors and open structures within and towards its neighbours, the local economy and society at large. We want everybody to be able to contribute and participate. This open space shall be provided and kept, free of any expectation that the offered opportunities are utilized as anticipated. The doors shall remain open and the space be held.

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Coopérative La Décentrale
Mont-Soleil 59
2610 Mont-Soleil
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Association Permavillages
La Décentrale
2610 Mont-Soleil

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