Friday, August 1, 2014
The activities this project will include
At the beginning, La Décentrale will start its activities with multi-day seminars for small groups on topics related in different ways to the Permavillage project. Further economic activities will be the constructing of small housing, yurts, and roulottes, the renovation of the main building in various phases, as well as the permaculture project, a buvette, and the processing, refining and preservation of foods, including a line of local gastro-foods offered in partnering buvettes and restaurants in the area.

Further activities such as various kinds of product recycling and reuse projects, peer-to-peer education projects, alternative media projects, graphic design and software development projects or a political music festival, all are not beyond the scope of intended uses for the property either.
The permaculture project will initially focus on producing vegetables for a subscription based veggie-basket service in and around the hamlet on the one hand, and offering introductory permaculture courses on the other hand.

In collaboration with the local farmers, we will work to integrate additional farm land currently used for dairy farming and meat production, enabling the permaculture project to expand beyond La Décentrale. The project will expand to include the cultivation of locally uncommon plants with high nutritional and health benefits, such as khaki and amaranth.

One of the main objectives of La Décentrale will be to offer an environment and a place where people can come together to work on evolving common vision between different individuals and groups. Beyond the scope of the Permavillage itself, we will also start to do this same kind of work together with other organizations, such as Initiatives of Change in Caux, the Green Phoenix Congress on Schweibenalp, and Danach in Zurich or Vision 2035 in Bienne. The seminar offerings of La Décentrale will emphasize these aspects.

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