Friday, August 1, 2014
How it will work
The La Décentrale cooperative will be the proprietor of the property and negotiate service agreements with individuals and associations, making the property available as a resource for projects that are in line with the objectives of the organization, as described in this document.

The projects will feature a complementary economy based on an alternative currency that will encourage a large degree of gift economy, sharing and exchanging, and an interest free local money system, reducing the need for projects to generate profits in official currencies. To this effect, the cooperative will develop a decentralized alternative currency that creates money by directly funding projects.

The members of the cooperative will have funding rights in relation to the amount of their shares. In a semestrial process, the cooperative will determine the amount of new currency being issued, and select the projects eligible for funding. This will be followed by the individual members allocating their share of newly funded currency to these projects. This ability constitutes the primary benefit that members receive for their financial participation in the cooperative. As the cooperative grows, it intends to provide its members with liquid democracy based funding mechanisms.

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