Friday, August 1, 2014
Aspects of the organizational structure
During the initial phase of the project, special consideration will be given to develop a solid framework for the organization's communication and decision making processes. A set of non-binding conventions should evolve based on best practices for various circumstances.

While the members of the organization together form the formal general assembly, the organization is directed by the organisation's board, which forms ad-hoc by inviting the organizations members to participate. Based on meritocratic principles, the general assembly can also elect non-members for eligibility to participate in board meeting sessions. The board uses high quality participatory processes to whenever possible form unanimous outcomes regarding the selection of individuals and associations and their ability to use resources of the property for their proposed and/or ongoing projects. The project will collaborate with the association to develop and evolve the facilitation methods that are used in these meeting sessions of the board.

Beyond the board meeting sessions, the organization will follow open organisation practices, inspired by the 40 years of experience gained in the open source software development movement, striking a balance between basic-democratic and meritocratic organization structures.

We currently use openly shared documents such as on Google Drive and Pages on iCloud for collaborative editing, Loomio for exchanging thoughts on ideas and concerns and voting in the spirit of temperature checks, and Trello for an open team based organizational workflow on tasks. The project generally encourages anybody and everybody to contribute and participate in its processes.

The various projects of individuals and associations, to which the La Décentrale organisation makes its resources available, will in principle be free to organize their internal affairs as they see fit, but such organization structures may be taken into account as part of the selection process. Another selection criteria should be the openness of the projects. Are they structured and documented in ways that make it easy for other individuals and organizations to participate or to learn from the project and duplicated it elsewhere?

The La Décentrale organization will also build structures and knowledge networks that will aid the various projects to succeed. As such, it will operate as an incubation hub for the new ventures of the projects, making the required professional support available to them, providing administrative support and aiding to find finances.

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